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AmeriCorps Urban Safety Program: Making Detroit Safer

Senior Corps and AmeriCorps volunteers are working every day to reduce crime and revive cities. Our national service programs work with governors, mayors, police departments and local nonprofits to fight crime and bring economic renewal to cities. In Detroit, AmeriCorps partnered with Wayne State University, the governor’s and mayor’s offices, the chief of police, and corporate funders to create an AmeriCorps program that engages the community in boarding up abandoned houses, creating safe routes to schools, expanding neighborhood watches and more to reduce crime in Detroit. The results are powerful.

In neighborhoods where AmeriCorps members serve, crime has declined by 26%, an estimated savings of $302 million in crime costs for the city of Detroit. Watch the video and see for yourself how AmeriCorps is making Detroit safer.

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To talk with the Detroit Urban Safety Corps, please contact Ramona Washington at (313) 577-0979, email:


Featured Interviews

"In the neighborhoods where AmeriCorps has served we have seen a 26% decrease in crime.”

Commander Charles Mahone | 9th Precinct, Detroit Police Dept.



"The program is important because it brings residents together, and as a result neighborhoods are safer.”

Lisa Carter | AmeriCorps Urban Safety Program



The AmeriCorps Urban Safety Program has been a great partner.”

Detroit Mayor Mike Dugan


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