AmeriCorps Partnerships Challenge

What is the AmeriCorps Partnerships Challenge?

In the spirit of the Task Force, the AmeriCorps Partnerships Challenge is a call to action to the private sector, nonprofits, philanthropies, and public agencies at every level to develop proposals to expand AmeriCorps service opportunities to meet critical national and local needs.  
CNCS is making available up to $30 million in education scholarships to support the expansion of new AmeriCorps opportunities across the nation.  This amount of Segal AmeriCorps Education Awards is enough to support more than 8,000 new AmeriCorps members.  

How Will It Work?

Through the challenge, nonprofit organizations or public agencies – together with their funding partners – would develop proposals to address community needs by engaging AmeriCorps members.  CNCS will develop a streamlined and flexible process to consider proposals.  Upon approval, CNCS will support Segal AmeriCorps Education Awards for AmeriCorps members, while the sponsoring organization will cover operations and living allowance costs.  Corporate or philanthropic funders looking to invest in national service can also contact CNCS directly to explore potential partnerships with nonprofit organizations to meet a particular national or local need.
Programs supported through the AmeriCorps Partnerships Challenge will benefit from being part of the national AmeriCorps network.  They will get training and technical assistance, recruitment support, and the brand identification of being an AmeriCorps program. AmeriCorps members will be eligible for education scholarships and loan forbearance, and will gain valuable skills and experiences to advance their career goals while they make a difference in communities.
We call on all sectors – public, private, nonprofits, foundation, education -- to join us in this important mission.  

More Information

CNCS will be developing further guidance about the AmeriCorps Partnerships Challenge over the summer.  We are interested in getting input from stakeholders and the public as we develop this initiative.  As further information becomes available, we will share it on our website at   

National Service Partnerships in Action 

A partnership between the Federal Emergency Management Agency and CNCS, is a 1,600 member AmeriCorps NCCC program solely devoted to disaster response and recovery.
FEMA Corps members provided invaluable service in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, floods, and tornadoes, and have created innovative ways to serve disaster survivors – all while saving taxpayer dollars and gaining valuable skills to jumpstart their careers.

A partnership between the Department of Education and CNCS, is bringing hundreds of new AmeriCorps members into the nation’s lowest-performing schools to support and sustain turnaround efforts.
These AmeriCorps members are boosting student academic achievement, attendance, high school graduation rates, and college and career readiness. This initiative is maximizing the Department of Education’s existing investment in the School Improvement Grant program.

My AmeriCorps Story bookmarkSTEM AMERICORPS
Launched by President Obama at the White House Science Fair last spring, is a multi-year initiative to place hundreds of AmeriCorps members in nonprofits across the country to mobilize professionals to inspire young people to excel in STEM education.

In May 2014, CNCS significantly expanded its investment by supporting 256 AmeriCorps VISTA members in six Southern states to connect 18,000 at-risk students in low-performing schools to STEM opportunities.  

Other STEM AmeriCorps partnerships are with US2020, FIRST, Maker Education Initiative, Citizen Schools, and Teach for America.


Launched in March 2014 and powered by AmeriCorps, the Citi Foundation, and Points of Light – is a ground-breaking national program that uses volunteer service as a strategy to help 25,000 low-income youth and young adults in 10 cities develop the skills they need to prepare for college and careers.  

The program, which will deploy 225 AmeriCorps VISTA members over three years, will engage youth ages 16-24 in service and build a large-scale volunteer response to the crisis of low college and career attainment. Citi Foundation’s $10 million investment in ServiceWorks marks the largest corporate-sponsored AmeriCorps VISTA project in history.


Launched in February 2014, is a collaboration between Tulane University, CNCS, and the Franklin Project that gives recent graduates an opportunity to spend a year of service in high-need neighborhoods in New Orleans.  
This builds on Tulane’s longstanding collaboration with CNCS—which, to date, has resulted in 112 AmeriCorps VISTA members serving in the New Orleans community and a federal investment of $2.4 million.  The new program will support fellows who will live on campus as they serve full-time with nonprofits throughout the city.
A unique public-private partnership, has a large number of private funders including, Wayne State University, the Skillman Foundation, Kresge Foundation, Henry Ford Health Systems, Jefferson East, Inc. and the Detroit Medical Center.
The program engages 36 AmeriCorps members in mobilizing community volunteers to improve public safety in Detroit neighborhoods by boarding up vacant homes, reducing blight, starting block patrols, and providing safe routes for children to school. The program has seen a 44 percent decline in crime in targeted neighborhoods, decreasing the cost of crime in the city of Detroit by $62 million.


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