human figure with dollar signWhat Data Should Be Collected?

Any volunteer information that is collected should benefit the program and/or project. There is no reason to collect information that will not serve a purpose.

The time commitment of a volunteer (whether long-term or episodic) influences the type of volunteer opportunity to track, which in turn will influence the type of data to collect. For example, an organization might not require a volunteer application or interview in order for someone to participate in a large-scale direct service project. Consider tracking the following volunteer data for specific projects:

  • Number of registered volunteers
  • Number of volunteers who served
  • Number of hours served
  • Monetary value of volunteer service
  • Number of volunteer projects and outcomes of projects; and
  • Stories, testimonials, and pictures of the project.

Monetary Value of Volunteer Service

Since 1980 Independent Sector has provided an estimated dollar value of a volunteer hour. In 2008, this estimated dollar value was $20.25 per hour.

Additionally, the site provides the estimated dollar value of a volunteer hour as it differs by state. For example, in 2007 (the latest year for which state data is available) the state of Georgia had an estimated dollar value of $19.49 for one volunteer hour. Also, Independent Sector provides an average hourly wage listed by occupation, which can be used to value volunteer time for a specialized skill. All of this information is based on data provided by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.