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“Service is really what veterans want to do. A lot of them leave the military reluctantly. They were injured, medically retired, or retired for family reasons. But those people don’t want to sell insurance or work in retail. They won’t find the same sense of purpose they had in the military. If you put them in a place where they can be in front of children and serve, they can really make a difference. I wish there were more opportunities like that.”—Iraq/Afghanistan veteran

There’s much to gain from participating in this national initiative to serve those who’ve served our country. The Corporation encourages you to reach out to veterans and veteran-serving organizations to enlist them in helping address compelling unmet needs. Some steps you can take include:

  • Seek meetings with your governor and members of Congress to make them aware of how your state’s national service programs can help veterans, active duty personnel, National Guard members, and military families. If you can, bring an AmeriCorps member who is a veteran with you to talk about the opportunities national service provided him or her. Use the materials in Resources to create issue backgrounders and presentations to use in the meetings.
  • Contact your state department of veterans affairs and state legislators who are veterans for help in identifying local needs and connecting with veteran-serving organizations.
  • Inform current grantees about the opportunities to build a veteran-serving component or expand their programming to serve military families.
  • Reach out to veterans organizations and other potential grantees.

The Resources section provides tools to help you get started.


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