Performance Measurement Work Plan Library (Legacy)

Please note, these resources are not for projects adopting the new National Performance Measures for Senior Corps.

Grantees that are in the process of submitting a renewal, and new applicants, should go to the Senior Corps Performance Measures page.

For grantees who are submitting a continuation application (2010 and 2011 grantees), the resource links on this web page are appropriate for your use.

If you are not sure of your grant status, contact your assigned CNCS program specialist in the state office.

Welcome to the Senior Corps Performance Measurement Work Plan Library
Here you will find sample work plans from a wide variety of Senior Corps projects. The work plans available are only a sample of Senior Corps work plans and are not intended to be a comprehensive list of all possible service categories or activities.

You can review these work plans for programmatic ideas as well as performance measurement tips. If you decide to build one of your own work plans on an example found here, be sure to review all of the information and modify as needed to reflect your volunteers and their service.

Sample Work Plan Library

Issue Area: Community and Economic Development | Disaster Recovery/Relief | Education | Health/Nutrition | Homeland Security | Human Needs | Human Needs/Housing | Public Safety

Follow these steps to get a listing of sample work plans by issue area and service category.

  1. Click on an Issue Area in the menu above.
  2. To view or download an individual work plan, click on its title. You will be prompted to select an option to open the file or save it to your computer. If you open the work plan file, close its window to return to the previous web page.

NOTE: These work plans are in Microsoft Word (DOC) and/or Rich Text Format (RTF) and are not intended to be used "as is." You should modify the sample work plans to meet the unique requirements of your Senior Corps project. This may include changing information about community need, service activity, inputs, outputs, and outcomes. Project STAR can help you develop work plans that reflect the unique characteristics of your Senior Corps project and that meet the requirements for performance measurement.

If you have questions about this information, please contact your program specialist.

Corporation for National and Community Service Issue Areas and Service Categories (PDF)
Contributors to the Work Plan Library (PDF)

*To view and print pdf files, you need Adobe Reader installed on your computer. If you need to install Adobe Reader, visit the Adobe website.


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