Becoming a Better Supervisor: A Resource Guide for Community Service Supervisors

This guide was developed to help front-line supervisors in all kinds of community service programs. The guide was drawn from three major sources of information: a comprehensive needs assessment; views of supervisors who participated in Supervisory Skills Workshops; and literature of specialists in the fields of supervision, management, and community participation.

The Guide includes information on the following supervisory roles:

  • Communicator: Active listening; providing feedback; conflict management
  • Advisor: Problem solving; coaching members
  • Team Builder: Building a collaborative team environment; guiding the team through stages of group development; making decisions in groups
  • Planner/Manager: Planning work; setting priorities/delegating tasks; managing time; managing meetings
  • Community Partnership Builder/AmeriCorps Representative: Assessing community needs; building and sustaining collaboration; public relations

The Guide is available in sections in PDF format for download. You will need the free Adobe Acrobat Reader software to view and print these documents.

Download Guide sections:

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