Skill Building Activities: High Quality Performance Measures

These skill building activities can be used to apply the concepts and principles covered in this module to real world situations.

  1. Alignment of Intervention and Outcome
    This exercise allows learners to review sample interventions and outcomes to decide if the pairs are aligned and if not, identify any disconnections.
  2. Alignment of Outputs and Outcomes
    In this exercise, learners review sample output and outcome sets and determine if the sets are logically connected. For those output-outcome sets that are not aligned, the learner identifies the problem.
  3. Veteran Program Review
    This exercise allows learners to critique a sample (abridged) application using the Alignment Checklist and identify the missing components or alignment problems.
  4. Ensuring Quality Outcomes
    In this exercise, learners review program scenarios and their outcomes using the Outcome Criteria Checklist and practice choosing the most relevant outcome from a list. Learners then have an opportunity to employ the checklist to review their own outcome.

The PowerPoint slides and notes for this module can be used “as is” or adapted for training.

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