Skill Building Activities: Building Evidence of Effectiveness

These skill building activities build upon the Theory of Change module’s definitions of theory of change and the three necessary elements (Community Problem/Need, Outcome, and Intervention) with a special emphasis on the evidence concepts provided in this module. They can be used to apply the concepts and principles to real world situations.

  1. Case Study of Rose Blossom ABC Club
    This exercise allows learners to critique a sample grant application narrative for an afterschool program to assess how well the applicant identified the theory of change and each of the necessary elements with a focus on the evidence provided for the choice of intervention and the data documenting the need.
  2. Finding and Using Evidence
    This exercise gives learners an opportunity to critique two sample theories of changes with a focus on the evidence provided by each program. In the first, learners will assess how well the applicant identified and presented evidence for their proposed intervention. Learners will also consider what additional evidence could be informative, what keywords they would use to locate possible evidence, and what they would need to be looking for as they review the articles. In the second, learners will review the theory of change and whether appropriate evidence and data documenting the need were presented. Learners then will consider the differences between evidence and need data.

The PowerPoint slides and notes for this module can be used “as is” or adapted for training.

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