Performance Measure H7

Note: Information on this page is subject to change. Applicants should always refer to the performance measure instructions published with the NOFO. Grantees should refer to the performance measure instructions for the grant year in which they were funded.
Number of clients receiving language translation services at clinics and in emergency rooms.
Goal 1: Healthy Futures: Access to Care

Definition of Key Terms

Clinic: Any medical facility or establishment where medical services are provided, and where more than one medical specialty is practiced. This may include public health clinics, hospitals, etc.
Emergency rooms: Located in hospitals or care facilities and handle cases that require immediate attention.
Translation: Includes both written and verbal, interpretive services to help patients not fluent in English writing and/or speaking better communicate their medical needs and understand their medical instructions.

How to Calculate/ Measure/ Collect Data

Count unduplicated new clients who receive the language translation services. If an encounter involves more than one person (e.g., family members), count each individual separately.
Grantee collects data on clients who received translation services at clinics or emergency rooms. Logs, case management systems, etc.
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