Performance Measure G3-3.4

Number of organizations that received capacity building services from CNCSsupported organizations or national service participants.
Goal 3: Capacity Building and Leverage

Definition of Key Terms

CNCS-supported organizations: Comprises:
a) organizations that have national service participants (AmeriCorps, VISTA and NCCC members, Senior Corps volunteers and Learn and Serve participants), and
b) organizations that receive CNCS funding. This may include K-12 local education agencies, state health agencies, tribes, tax-exempt, charitable organizations under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, grantees and their sub grantees, and partner organizations with which the aforementioned organizations have developed formal collaborations and whose mission supports CNCS issue areas.

How to Calculate Measure/Collect Data

Count of the total number of organizations that received capacity building activities intended to support or enhance the program delivery model from CNCS-supported organization or national service participants. The activities must meet the criteria for capacity building described in the Goal Overview section of the document. It is the applicant/grantee's responsibility to ensure the capacity building activities meet the criteria provided in these definitions.

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