Performance Measure G3-3.2

Number of community volunteers managed by CNCS-supported organizations or national service participants.
Goal 3: Capacity Building and Leverage

Definition of Key Terms

Community volunteers: Citizens or residents in the community who are recruited and/or managed by the CNCS-supported organization or assigned national service participant(s) to offer time, knowledge, skills, and expertise for free to support the CNCS-supported program or organization. Community volunteers differ from national service participants in that they are under no formal obligation to provide a specified amount of assistance (e.g., as measured by service hours), and said volunteers are not enrolled in a national service program. Also referred to as "leveraged volunteers."
Managed: Includes training, direction, coordination and supervision of the community volunteer by the CNCS-supported organization or national service participant in tasks, duties and services for the intended purpose of supporting or enhancing the program delivery model.

How to Calculate/ Measure/ Collect Data

Only count community volunteers that were specifically managed of the CNCSsupported organization or the national service participant engaged in the capacity building activity for the intended purpose of supporting or enhancing the program delivery model may be counted. At the outset of the activity, the applicant/grantee should indicate a minimum number of days or hours, or other units of service, that must be performed by the individual in order for him or her to be counted as a managed volunteer.
The organization must use some form of volunteer management system, having processes or capabilities that allow them to track information about individual volunteers such as but not limited to: the volunteer’s name, relevant demographic information including location of residence, method of recruitment, participation in orientation and/or training activities, planned and actual role, assignment(s) or activities, start and end dates of service, and hours served related to the program that the capacity building activities were intended to support or enhance.
The total number of volunteers recruited (G3-3.1) and managed (G3-3.2) should be an unduplicated count of community volunteers engaged by the CNCSsupported organization or the national service participant during the program year. Applicants/grantees should control for double counting or select the measure that best fits your program model.
Report a separate count of community volunteers managed for each of the six Focus Areas.
National service participants may not manage volunteers in doing activities that they themselves are prohibited from doing, including but not limited to managing the CNCS-supported projects/grants or community organizing intended to promote advocacy activities.

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