Performance Measure G3-3.15

Number of additional types of services offered by organizations as a result of capacity building services provided by CNCS-supported organizations or national service participants in a) Disaster Services, b) Economic Opportunity, c) Education, d) Environmental Stewardship, e) Healthy Futures and/or f) Veterans and Military Families.
Goal 3: Capacity Building and Leverage

Definition of Key Terms

Types of service: includes qualitatively distinct service activities that enable the program to address different needs or different populations in need of the organization's services

How to Calculate Measure/Collect Data

Only additional types of service specifically resulting from capacity building activities provided by the CNCS-supported organization or assigned national service participant(s) intended to support or enhance the program delivery model may be counted.
Organizations must use a pre-post organizational assessment tool that measures capacity in the area of program and service delivery, and that includes questions related to the organization's specific services, activities and/or program offerings. Intermediary applicants/grantees should ensure that their sub-grantees and/or host sites use the same tool. The pre-assessment should be administered before capacity building services are provided, and the post-assessment should be done at the end of the term of service of the national service participant engaged in the capacity building activity. Organizations should follow the guidance of the assessment tool they select with respect to which individual(s) at the organization respond to the assessment and other protocol for administering the tool.
Alternatively, the applicant/grantee may choose to use a sample service request and program delivery tracking log to collect these data.
Report a separate count of service requests for each of the six Focus Areas.

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