Performance Measure G3-3.12

Number of organizations that monitored their progress towards the goals identified in their community assessment with the assistance of CNCSsupported organizations or national service participants.
Goal 3: Capacity Building and Leverage

Definition of Key Terms

Monitor progress: Having a systematic process for collecting data and tracking outputs and outcomes related to goals and recommendations identified in the assessment.
Community Assessment: Involves comprehensive information gathering, analysis and documentation to understand a community's concerns, effectively characterize its needs and respond with appropriate interventions. Discovering those things that matter to the community, what issues the community feels are most important to address, and what resources are available to bring about change may be accomplished through interviews with community members, and by conducting listening sessions, public forums, and other place-based research, resulting in an assessment (or profile) of the community that helps identify and prioritize critical issues and plan future interventions.

How to Calculate Measure/Collect Data

Count of organizations that received capacity building assistance from the CNCS-supported organization or assigned national service participant(s) intended to support or enhance the program delivery model, reporting that: they have completed a community assessment; their organization identified goals as a part of that process, and they have continued monitoring their progress toward those goals at the time of reporting.
At the outset of the activity, the applicant/grantee should indicate the minimum amount of days, hours, or other level of assistance required in order to determine that the assistance provided by the CNCS-supported organization or assigned national service participant was substantive and instrumental in completing the activity and/or achieving results. Applicants/grantees may define the level of assistance as including but not being limited to: establishing a performance management systems and processes, creating evaluation instruments, and/or developing a reporting template for the organization to monitor progress against the goals identified in the community assessment.
Organizations must use a pre-post organizational assessment tool that includes questions related to the organization's capacity to monitor and evaluate goals and objectives. Intermediary applicants/grantees should ensure that their subgrantees and/or host sites use the same tool. The pre-assessment should be administered before capacity building services are provided, and the postassessment should be done at the end of the term of service of the national service participant engaged in the capacity building activity. Organizations should follow the guidance of the assessment tool they select with respect to which individual(s) at the organization respond to the assessment and other protocol for administering the tool.

Other Note

AmeriCorps State and National requirements that pertain to allowable capacity building activities (45 CFR 2520.30) stipulate that AmeriCorps capacity building activity must not include tasks that have to do with managing the CNCS-supported projects/grants such as measuring the impact of the AmeriCorps program.

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