Performance Measure EN6

Note: Information on this page is subject to change. Applicants should always refer to the performance measure instructions published with the NOFO. Grantees should refer to the performance measure instructions for the grant year in which they were funded.
Number of tons of materials collected and recycled.
Goal 1: Environmental Stewardship: At-Risk Ecosystems

Definition of Key Terms

Visit the Environmental Protection Agency website for helpful information on recycling.
1 Ton = 2,000 pounds.
Collected: Materials may be brought to your program or your program may collect them from places that would otherwise not benefit from free recycling programs.
Recycled: Your program may deliver them to a reputable recycling site or may recycle the materials directly; recycling includes a variety of techniques including composting, re-using, and take back programs in addition to programs typically called recycling.

How to Calculate/ Measure/ Collect Data

Count of tons of materials collected AND recycled; both steps must be performed to count. Use the EPA volume translator to add up the number of pounds of materials collected and recycled. Then perform the following calculation to get number of tons: # of pounds/2,000 = # of tons.
EPA has suggested tracking methods.

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