Performance Measure ED26

Note: Information on this page is subject to change. Applicants should always refer to the performance measure instructions published with the NOFO. Grantees should refer to the performance measure instructions for the grant year in which they were funded.
Number of students acquiring a GED.
Goal 1: Education: K-12 Success

Definition of Key Terms

Students: Those reported in ED1, ED2, ED3A or ED4A.

How to Calculate/ Measure/ Collect Data

GED completion records of individual students who participated in CNCS-supported program.


This performance indicator is best suited for CNCS-supported programs that primarily serve 11th and 12th graders and whose objective is promoting GED completion.
  • Can you develop a reasonable baseline or "comparison" group consisting of the population you plan to serve? For example, what is the typical GED completion rate of the population you intend to serve? This will become your comparison group or serve as your baseline. The youth served in your program should have a higher rate of GED completion than this group.
  • Will you be able to set a "reach" target, the minimum anticipated percent of students participating in your education or mentoring program who you hope will acquire a GED; will the percentage you set challenge your program to reach that target?

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