Collecting High Quality Outcome Data, Part 2 (eCourse)

This self-paced module is the sixth in a series on performance measurement, and provides information on the steps to implement data collection, (including developing a data collection schedule, training data collectors, and pilot testing instruments). You will also learn how to recognize data quality as it relates to reliability, validity and minimizing sources of bias. This module was created by the Corporation for National and Community Service. 

Course Sequence:

This course is the sixth in the Performance Measurement Core Curriculum series.

  • It is highly recommended that you take the courses in the sequence they are offered.
  • There are several learning exercises within the course. Try them out to check on your understanding of the material.
Course Instructions:
  • Go through the sections of the module at your own pace. Use the “back” arrow to return to a section if you want to see it again.
  • The audio narrative on the course is automatic. The audio can be turned off and on by clicking on the button that looks like a speaker. Note that the narration contains information not written on the screen. If you turn the audio off, you should turn the closed captions on.
  • The closed captions can be turned on and off by clicking on the button labeled “CC.”
  • After you have completed the course, you will receive instructions on how to print a Certificate of Completion.
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