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Wisdom from the Field

"Begin planning from the first day of your AmeriCorps program how you will assist your members to make the transition from a year of service to their next steps in life. Emphasizing post-program transition will help with retention of your members, and give them a life to go to after AmeriCorps."

—Anne Millane, Spokane Service Team (WA)

It's never too soon to think about the future. Helping members make a successful transition to life after service begins when the individual enters service. By providing tools and information at different stages of service, you can help members weigh their options and make choices that pave the way toward future goals.

This section contains surveys and resources for member reflection and needs assessment; information on the Segal AmeriCorps Education Award; career planning tools; and soft skills for making the transition between service and the "real world." There's also a timeline that will help you determine when to introduce these topics.

Here are all the topics covered in this section:

Refer your AmeriCorps and VISTA members to two online tutorials designed specifically to assist them:

  • What's Next provides tools and resources to help members serve and transition to the next stage of life. Encourage your members to start going through the tutorial at the start of the year, and remind them to keep at it as the year progresses.
  • Education Award is a step-by-step tutorial to help members maximize their post-service financial benefits.


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