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For technical support, to request access, or assistance accessing these pages using assistive technology email

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Frequently Asked Questions

NEW! I attempted to take a Peformance Measurement Core Curriculum course and as soon as I hit load, the system indicated I had completed the whole thing.
Due to a quirk in the system and depending on the format of the course, you may receive a notification that you've completed a course after you've loaded the course.

NEW! Is Litmos replacing eGrants?
Litmos will not replace eGrants however we are planning to integrate both platforms.

NEW! Will the system send reminders to take courses or let us know courses are assigned to us?
If there is a completion date associated with a particular course you may receive a notification ONLY if you have email notifications enabled in "My Profile." You may or may not receive a notication when you are assigned to a particular course depending on the preferences of the course manager.

NEW! I was wondering if/when we should expect mandatory courses to be added? Will it send us an email message to remind us to log in?
Mandatory courses will be communicated via an official communication from CNCS and not via a notification from Litmos.

NEW! I see that I have a due date this month for the National Service Criminal History Check course. I completed the online training in March (2016) and printed the certificate. Is this a different training?
If you've complete the  National Service Criminal History Check course via the Knowledge Network/Articulate Online or Litmos you've fulfulied this requirement as long as you have a certificate of completion dated 2016. 

What is Litmos?
Litmos is a platform for online learning, also known as a learning management system or LMS.

How to get to Litmos?
Use the following link to access Litmos:

What is actually changing? 
CNCS online courses are now available via the LMS. Courses will remain publicly available via the Knowledge Network, however grantees will be automatically redirected to the LMS after June 2017.

What are the benefits of using the LMS for grantees?
Using the system, grantees can track their progress more easily in the LMS, making it possible to come back to a course and pick up where you left off and to verify that you have completed required coursework. Other benefits include: tracking your course history, storing certificates of completing, communicating directly with course creators or instructors and participating in discussion forums. Grantees can also complete training using their smart devices.

Do I need an email address to create an account?
Yes, an email address is required to setup an account. You’ll also need to create a user name and password.

I did not receive any instructions from my Program about accessing the system. What do I do?
To request access to Litmos, email

I need technical support. Who do I contact?
For technical support, to request access, or assistance accessing these pages using assistive technology email

Is CNCS tracking my activities in the LMS? If so, what happens with this information?
The LMS tracks all activity in the system including test scores and other results. This information is generally used to improve the quality of CNCS training and in some instances used to verify the completion of required courses.

What types of CNCS online courses are available within the LMS?
CNCS offers online courses focused on the following topics: CNCS Performance Measures, Disability Inclusion, Disaster Preparedness, Education, Financial Management, Member Recruitment and Development, National Service Criminal History Checks and courses designed specifically for AmeriCorps and Senior Corps grantees.

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