Senior Corps Fund Raising and OMB Cost Principles: How To's

This section contains resources for three approaches to fund raising which correlate with the approaches suggested in #14 of the Fund Raising FAQs.

The first focuses on working cooperatively and effectively with sponsor organization staff. The second combines working with advisory councils, sponsor organization board members, and other community leaders (all of whom could be effective sources for volunteer fund raising leaders), to identify, attract, and use a team of volunteer “champions” to fund raise for Senior Corps projects. The third approach involves forming strategic partnerships with organizations like United Way or other community or fraternal organizations that could lead to resources and fund raising opportunities.

Fund Raising with Your Sponsors

Sponsor organizations will appreciate the effort when you can provide them with fund raising tools and materials that you are employing. Find effective ways to partner with your sponsor in fund raising.

Volunteers as Fund Raisers

The most effective fund raising is accomplished when a peer asks a peer for a gift. Project directors will explore techniques for assessing their project needs, and the skills and abilities of advisory council members, sponsor board members, and other individuals beyond their program to identify the best fund raising volunteers. Tools and tips in this section will assist Senior Corps directors in guiding this team of selected volunteer leaders through the fund raising process. Your fund raising volunteers will become your champions, who will lead your project in fund raising success.

Community Involvement and Fund Raising

Being visible and active in the community is important if you want to raise funds. Find ways to partner with other organizations, cultivate relationships that will result in donations, and spread the word about your venture that will result in increased funding for your project.

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