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Financial Management Resources

Organizations need to handle funds wisely. This may include developing written policies and procedures, internal controls, and budget controls. Corporation grantees will also need to be familiar with documenting in-kind donations, time and activity reporting, generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP), Corporation regulations, and OMB regulations such as 2 CFR 200. Following are some of our most relevant resources related to this topic. 

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Uniform Guidance Updated FAQs (as of July 2017) 

*Required Online Courses

* Key Concepts of Financial and Grants Management eCourse - (Recommended Annual)
* The person or persons who will have primary responsibility for program management and those who will have primary responsibility for financial management must all take the course.
* National Service Criminal History Check (NSCHC) eCourse - (Required Annual)

Financial and Grants Management Resource Index

This page provides an index to all Corporation for National and Community Services (CNCS) financial and grants management related resources found on, or referenced by, the National Service Knowledge Network.

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