Grant Opportunities tagged with "Environment"

Action For Nature: International Young Eco-Hero Awards
A nonprofit organization that encourages young people around the world to carry out individual environmental action projects presents the International Young Eco-Hero Awards, to recognize individual accomplishments of young people (ages 8-16) whose personal actions have significantly improved the environment. Cash prizes of up to $500 each for outstanding accomplishments in environmental advocacy, environmental health, research, or protection of the natural world. For information, visit Action for Nature.  
Air Products
The Air Products Corporate Contributions Program funding areas of interest include: higher education and pre-college education; the environment and safety; community and economic development; arts and culture; and fitness, health, and welfare. Requests for funding are accepted at any time. For more information, visit Air Products Grant Application Process
Altria Group Corporate Contributions Program
Altria supports programs that feed the hungry, assist victims and survivors of domestic violence, support the arts, and rebuild communities affected by natural disasters. Deadlines vary. For more information, visit the Altria Group Corporate Contributions Program
Brainerd Foundation
The Brainerd Foundation's mission is to protect the environmental quality of the Pacific Northwest and to build broad citizen support for environmental protection. They support projects to protect the environment in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Alaska, British Columbia, and the Yukon Territory. To be considered for Brainerd Foundation grant funds, applicants must be involved in direct efforts to defend endangered ecosystems or in programs that augment regional conservation efforts within this geographic funding region. Deadlines vary. For more information, visit the Brainerd Foundation.
Captain Planet Foundation
The Captain Planet Foundation supports innovative hands-on programs that empower youth in grades K–12 to work individually and collectively to solve environmental problems in their neighborhoods. Deadlines vary. For more information, visit the Captain Planet Foundation
Laura Jane Musser Fund
The Laura Jane Musser Fund provides support to nonprofit organizations throughout the United States in the program areas of intercultural harmony and environment. Within intercultural harmony, preference is given to programs that offer members of various cultures opportunities to work together on projects with common goals. The environment/community initiative assists local governments or other public or nonprofit organizations in rural areas and non-urban communities in undertaking consensus-based processes in two areas: environmental stewardship and environmental dispute resolution. Deadlines vary by subject area. For further information, visit the Laura Jane Musser Fund.
National Fish and Wildlife Foundation Challenge Grant Program
The National Fish and Wildlife Foundation provides funding to projects that sustain, restore, and enhance the nation’s fish, wildlife, plants, and their habitats through Keystone Initiative Grants and other Special Grant Programs. The Foundation awards grants to projects that work proactively to involve other conservation and community interests, leverage Foundation-provided funding, and evaluate project outcomes. Annual pre-proposal deadlines are June 1 and September 1. For further information, visit the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation Challenge Grant Programs
National Geographic Society Education Foundation Teacher Grants
The National Geographic Society's Education Foundation seeks to prepare children to embrace a diverse world, succeed in a global economy, and steward the planet's resources. Teacher grants are given directly to educators to facilitate their work in the classroom, school, district, and community. Grant applications are accepted from any current K–12 teacher or administrator in an accredited school. Desired projects advance federal geography education policy, improve public understanding of the importance and relevance of geographic literacy, and support model programs in geography education. Projects that have outreach to urban areas are particularly encouraged. Deadlines are in June. For further information, visit the National Geographic Society Education Foundation.
Patagonia Environmental Grant Program
The Patagonia Environmental Grant Program supports small grassroots activist organizations with provocative, nonviolent, direct-action agendas. The program helps local groups work to identify root causes of problems in protecting local habitats. Patagonia is interested in funding individual battles to protect a specific stand of forest, stretch of river, or indigenous wild species. Proposals are accepted during the months of April and August each year, and must be postmarked by April 30 or August 31 (unless applying through one of their retail stores). For more information, visit the Patagonia Environmental Grant Program.
The Packard Foundation
The David and Lucile Packard Foundation works to improve the lives of children, enable the creative pursuit of science, advance reproductive health, and conserve and restore earth's natural systems. No specific deadline. For additional information, visit the Packard Foundation
Tides Foundation
The Tides Foundation partners with donors, many of whom direct their own grantmaking. Some funds have open solicitation processes including the Moloka'i Environmental Protection Fund and the California Wildlands Grassroots Fund. RFPs are available at the Tides Foundation.
Vulcan Materials Company Foundation
The Vulcan Materials Company Foundation supports organizations that enhance the quality of life in the communities where Vulcan operates. The Foundation focuses on working with schools, supporting environmental stewardship, and encouraging employee involvement. There are no application deadlines. For more information, visit the Vulcan Materials Company Foundation
Weyerhaeuser Family Foundation
The Weyerhaeuser Family Foundation supports programs of national and international significance that promote the welfare of human and natural resources. Review the guidelines for General Program, Children's Initiative, or Sustainable Forest and Communities Initiative here: Weyerhaeuser Family Foundation.
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