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The question is, can a student use the award for educational supplies and equipment such as a computer?
The answer is maybe with a strong possibility of yes. It's a question worth asking your school's financial aid office. While many schools allow this, it is at the discretion of the financial aid office.
You can use your award to pay for expenses within the school's predetermined Cost of Attendance. (Cost of attendance is a financial aid term for the general amount it would cost for a student to attend that school).
Some schools allow an increase of Cost of Attendance in a given year to help pay for supplies and equipment, such as a computer. Your best bet is to ask what the policy is.
If you are a full-time student requesting to use the award on a computer, your chances are better than a student taking just one class. If you are a photography major, you have a better chance in asking to use the award to buy a camera than a student studying biology.
Important: When you send Education Award funds to a school, they will arrive in two disbursements. This might affect your ability to purchase school items in a timely manner.

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