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Ed Award Stories

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Learn more about these characters:

  • Trent has always wanted to be a public school teacher, but he's not sure he can afford to make student loan payments on a teacher's salary. Or can he?
  • Ayesha wants to know if she can use her award to buy a laptop for college.
  • Lee wants to go to law school. How can he use the award to pay for his education?
  • Dolores wants to use her award to help pay for her granddaughter’s education.
  • Jade wants to find out how to pay off her loans as soon as possible.
  • Marc isn’t ready to go to college. He wants to find out what other options he has.
  • Marvin wants to make the best use of his award for school.
    • Marvin is looking for a school that takes the award or even matches it.
    • Marvin wants to avoid losing any aid.
    • Marvin finds out he gets better financial aid than his kid brother.

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