Is your college not on the list of matching schools? Interested in helping build a relationship between AmeriCorps and your school? 

Here are a few options if your school isn't listed currently on the "matching" schools list:

  • Check if your school has a Volunteer Center, Campus Compact, or other community service office. Not only will you learn about opportunities to volunteer while a student, you might hear about scholarship opportunities right up your alley.
  • If you think your college should establish a new AmeriCorps scholarship, take up the cause. AmeriCorps and VISTA members often become idealistic and dedicated students, the type that most colleges and universities wish to attract.

New scholarships can come from two sources:

  1. Within the school itself and/or
  2. Foundations and other giving agencies that provide scholarship funding.

You can research the best path to pursue by asking questions at various campus offices (such as the financial aid office) and on the Internet (for example, use these keywords in a search engine: 'foundations,' 'funding,' 'establish,' 'scholarships').

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