Process for Accessing Funds

After you successfully complete your AmeriCorps or VISTA service, the National Service Trust will deposit the amount of your Education Award into your online My AmeriCorps account. This might take a few weeks.

Then, from your online account, you can send funds to a school or lender (you cannot send Education Award funds to yourself). Make sure you have your account numbers and mailing addresses handy for your school or lender when you are ready to send funds. If you use online banking and bill pay, the process will seem familiar.

You can log in to My AmeriCorps here. If you are a current or former member and do not have a My AmeriCorps account, you can learn more about AmeriCorps and sign up for an account. VISTA members must attend a PSO before they can sign up for the online payment system. The funds, however, will not be deposited into your account until after your successful completion of service.

You can also use your My AmeriCorps account to request forbearance on your federal student loans while you are serving.

If you are having problems accessing your My AmeriCorps account, ask your national service program staff to help you or call the National Service Trust at 1-888-507-5962.

Remember: You don’t need to use all your Education Award funds at once, and you have seven years from when you finish service to spend it!

How payments are disbursed to schools
When you send Education Award funds to a school, the money will arrive in two payments (the second midway through the term or semester). Learn more about disbursements made to schools.

What if I finished serving a few years ago?
The Education Award used to be a paper-based system. If you finished serving before My AmeriCorps was available (and still have a balance on your Award), you might still have a paper voucher.

Your best bet in using your Education Award is to sign up for access to My AmeriCorps and process your Award that way. The system will recognize you, even if it’s been a while since you served.

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