Forbearance process

You can request forbearance from the school or loan company that holds your loan through your My AmeriCorps account.
If you're enrolled in service and don't have a My AmeriCorps account, you can sign up here. (Sometimes, it take a few weeks after you start service before your account is created.)
You can find the form by clicking on the "forbearance request" link on the left side of the screen.
When you log on, here's the information you'll need to fill in the forbearance request form: The name of the lending school or institution, the city, state, and zip code. If you have more than one lender, fill out the form for each of them.
You should receive notification of your forbearance within a few weeks from your lender(s) and that you do not need to make payments while you remain in service.
Getting the interest paid
Over your term, the interest on your loan will continue to grow. The National Service Trust will pay off the interest that accumulated once you complete all phases of your service.
After you have finished your term, completed the exit paperwork, and your program has submitted the paperwork to CNCS, go back to your My AmeriCorps account. This time click on the "interest accrual request" link on the left side of the screen.
Within a few weeks, CNCS will send funds to your lender to cover all or part of the interest that gathered while you were serving. Your loan balance ideally will return to the amount it was on the day you began your term.
Will the National Service Trust pay off ALL the interest that accumulates?
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