For purposes of calculating your eligibility to serve multiple terms
Determination of a term is based on the amount of an award received for a service term divided by the amount of a full-time award in the year service was performed. In other words, when you complete a full-time year, you use a year of eligibility. It doesn't matter if you received a $4,725 or $5,350 or $5,550 award, it still counts as a full term.

If you serve a part-time term or receive a pro-rated award, divide the amount of your award by the amount of a full-time award for that year. For example, if your half-time VISTA was $2,775, divide that amount by $5,550, and you arrive at .5. This means you have used half of a full term of eligibility or a quarter of your total eligibility.

NOTE: Changes in the amount of the award will not grant you additional eligibility. If you received two $4,725 awards, you cannot serve additional terms even though the amount has increased.

See the multiple terms resource for additional information.

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