Once you send funds from your My AmeriCorps account to a school, it's the same as having money in a savings account. Since aid is based on need, the financial aid office might view this as money you should use for school and might take aid away.

(Your award funds should not count against you, as long as they are still in your My AmeriCorps account and not yet sent to the school. Even then, if you are filling out your financial aid forms correctly, your award funds should not count against you. See our "create a better aid offer" resource for more information.)
Remember that you don't have to use your award until you choose to, within seven years of receiving it!


To make sure that you do not lose aid when using your award, work with financial aid officers from your school, and let them know this: "I have an AmeriCorps Education Award, but I don't want to use it if it might cause me to lose aid." They should know how to help you.
You can learn more in the financial aid tips section.

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