AmeriCorps VISTA members have additional end-of-service opportunities.

A full-time AmeriCorps VISTA member can choose to receive the approximately $6,000 award or a $1,800 end-of-service cash stipend at the end of their service term. The amount of a full-time award increases every year based on the Pell Grant.

There are a number of considerations when making the choice between the award or stipend.

AmeriCorps VISTA members electing to receive the end-of-service cash stipend can get a percentage of their federal Perkins loans forgiven.

When applying for federal jobs, AmeriCorps VISTA alumni get an edge over the general public through non-competitive eligibility.

You can serve two terms with AmeriCorps VISTA and receive Education Awards. You can serve a third term and select the cash stipend instead of the award. If you served less than full-time equivalent terms, you might be able to earn additional awards (totaling the value of two full awards) through AmeriCorps State and National or AmeriCorps NCCC. Check our resource on multiple terms for more information.

Education Awards are non transferable.

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