Managing Spontaneous Volunteers in Times of Disaster (eCourse)

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Participant Materials
Trainer Guide
PowerPoint Presentation
Volunteer Reception Centers "Go Kit" Forms & Instructions


Points of Light Institute and CNCS




This collection of resources contains everything needed for a full-day classroom training on managing spontaneous volunteers in times of disaster, including participant materials, trainer guide, PowerPoint presentation, and forms and instructions for the Volunteer Reception Centers exercise. Training objectives are to: understand spontaneous volunteers and the benefits and burden they can bring; identify the fundamentals of volunteer management in disaster response setting; identify stakeholders in spontaneous volunteer management; learn and use the vocabulary and concepts of disaster and disaster management; understand the role of VOADs/COADs; recognize the importance of public messaging; understand the principles for managing donated goods; understand the various roles involved in staffing a Volunteer Reception Center; and understand the role of technology and social media in managing spontaneous volunteers in times of disaster.

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