AmeriCorps: Operation Blue Roof - Protocol on the Deployment of AmeriCorps Teams for Disaster Recovery

The objective of this protocol is to establish a guide for service teams should statewide disaster assistance be required. Although this protocol is based on experiences of Florida State Parks AmeriCorps deployment in response to Hurricane Charley in 2004, it is intended to be a reference for any AmeriCorps program or other volunteer organization. Some statistics or figures contained may be out-of-date, but much of the information can be tailored for other types of natural disasters.

Following the links for the protocol and its appendices is a slide show presentation that may be modified for use by other organizations. Notes are included with many of the slides to assist the presenter.

Operation Blue Roof (PDF)

  • I. Introduction
  • II. The Constituents Involved
  • III. Drafting the FEMA Mission
  • IV. Coordination for Mission Support
  • V. Preparing AmeriCorps Members for Deployment
  • VI. Preparing Staff for Deployment
  • VII. Emotional Support in Disaster Areas
  • VIII. Media and Public Relations
  • IX. Evaluation of Mission
  • X. Recommendations from "Operation Blue Roof"
  • Operation Blue Roof and Beyond Presentation (PPT) (PDF)

Operation Blue Roof Appendices (PDF)

  • Appendix I: FEMA Mission Assignment form
  • Appendix II: Proposed Florida State Parks AmeriCorps Budget
  • Appendix III: Memo: Coordinators’ WORK PLAN for Disaster Recovery Deployment
  • Appendix VI: Traumatic Incident Stress: Information for Emergency Response Workers
  • Appendix VII: Florida Division of Emergency Management forms
    • Vehicle Summary Record
    • Materials Summary Record
    • Rented Equipment Summary Record
    • Total Costs Summary
    • Travel Summary Record
    • Request of Public Assistance Funds
    • Request for Project Time Extension
    • Documentation of Amount Claimed
  • Appendix VIII: Member Results from Disaster Evaluation

Operation Blue Roof Appendices: Extreme Heat (PDF)

  • Appendix IV: Tips for Preventing Heat-Related Illness
  • Appendix V: Extreme Heat: A Prevention Guide to Promote Your Personal Health and Safety


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