Other options: Starting your own small business

Do you want to be your own boss? As an AmeriCorps or VISTA member, you may have had a taste of the entrepreneurial spirit within a community-based organization as you've independently carved out a niche in your community.; decided what needed to be done, considered and implemented creative options to deal with issues, located resources, raised money and much more. If you've enjoyed these aspects of your service, you might want to think about starting your own community-based organization or small business.
Successful founders of organizations and small businesses:
Go with what they know to a certain market, asset or need and learn what they need to know to be successful.
  • Meticulously prepare for and put their whole hearts and all their energy into their work.
  • Are willing to take risks, even more than just financial risks.
  • Examine your motives for starting a business and identify what you expect to gain from the adventure.
Local vocational schools, community colleges, economic development offices and Small Business Administration centers offer various kinds of training for the prospective entrepreneur. Visit the Small Business Administration website for more information: www.sba.gov.

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