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Thinking outside the box for your next step
Heather chooses a career of service–her own nonprofit.
Heather grew up in an environment where her family would participate in volunteer events on a regular basis. Before graduating from high school, she had volunteered with the food bank, library, animal shelter, and Red Cross. She can't imagine what her life would be like without volunteering. She's grateful to have had the VISTA experience, because she has made so many contacts in the nonprofit world. Once her service year ends, she's decided she wants to pursue her dream of starting her own nonprofit. She would like to open a volunteer-driven small office in her neighborhood where uninsured individuals can learn more about the free and low-cost medical resources available to them. She's already starting to write grants for funding and feels empowered by the skills she gained in AmeriCorps.
There are other options besides furthering your education or finding a job or a career. Take a look at the other options listed below.
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