Job and career options : Public sector careers

The public or government sector has long been associated with "public service." In the United States, the public sector refers to federal, state, county, regional and local governments, as well as government-created independent agencies such as the Corporation for National and Community Service and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.
This sector includes jobs and careers at:
  • State universities
  • The state or federal level of the Environmental Protection Agency
  • The U.S. Department of Agriculture, state or city departments of parks and recreation
  • The Neighborhood Reinvestment Corporation, etc.
These public sector branches, agencies and departments deliver goods and services deemed appropriate by leaders and decision makers in the various branches and levels.
When considering a career in any of the branches or levels of government, remember that taking a federal job does not automatically mean working in Washington, D.C. If you feel compelled to explore federal employment opportunities, be sure to look for those in the place(s) you want to live, wherever that may be.
Upon completing a term of service in VISTA (but not AmeriCorps*State and National, and not AmeriCorps*NCCC), a member earns one year of non-competitive eligibility in applying for employment with the federal government. This means that if you qualify for a federal job, you could be hired without having to compete with the general public. It also means that the government is under no obligation whatsoever to actually hire you.

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