Job and career options : Private sector careers

The traditional and overriding purpose of the private sector is to make a profit for the owners and shareholders. Success is typically measured by the financial bottom line.
Some examples of large businesses in the private sector include Microsoft, General Electric, and Nike.
Smaller private sector businesses include restaurants, accounting firms, welding companies, grocery stores, attorneys, small manufacturers, and private medical and dental practices.
Socially responsible businesses tend to practice business ethically, and have social goals larger than simply making a profit.
Socially responsible businesses may have policies that:
  • Provide very good benefits for employees
  • Put a cap on the amount of money the CEO can earn.
  • Promote fair labor practices in manufacturing
  • Pay a fair wage to factory or farm workers
  • Pursue economic opportunities that are sustainable and healthy in the community
  • Choose environmentally sustainable materials for building (e.g., carpet made from recycled pop bottles)

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