Education options : Specialty/Trade/Technical schools

Many AmeriCorps or VISTA members have what might be termed unconventional professional goals such as studying holistic medicine or alternative religion.
Not all specialty schools are so unconventional, of course. Many focus on the fine arts, such as dance or painting. And many are fully eligible for federal financial aid, as well as the education award. With a growing body of research pointing to a convergence of volunteerism and left-brain education, national service alumni are well ahead of the curve.
Did you know that although many alternative colleges are not eligible to use the education award, many have established partnerships with Title IV eligible institutions? Ask your academic advisor about consortium agreements to see if you can develop an independent study project at one of these schools. If so, you can use your education award to help pay for credits at the eligible school.

Bottom line:

So, is a specialty school for you? If you are an artist, musician, alternative healer, or otherwise ill-suited for traditional studies, then don't worry about being limited in your options. Plenty of good colleges await.

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