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Needs some words of inspiration?

Pep Talk

This is for people who deep down inside fear that they will not be able to get into the school they want. It's for people who are suffocated to think of embarking on a job search. For people who doubt they will ever find a job that allows them to pursue their life's vision while earning a living wage. It's for people who hate the questions, "What are you going to do when your term of service ends?" and, "Are you going to get a real job next year?" and, "What do you want to do with your life?"

If you have a hard time answering any or all of the above questions, this section is for you.

We may not have met you personally, but we know some important things about you:

  • You deserve to succeed.
  • You deserve to take the next steps necessary in living out your vision of your life.
  • You deserve to find a place to go to school, to work, or to serve where your professors, employers, classmates, and colleagues appreciate your strengths and your sense of humor.
  • You deserve to have confidence in yourself.
  • Your AmeriCorps or VISTA term has offered you opportunities to grow, learn, and give back.

These opportunities, as well as the experiences you brought with you when you joined, will all play a role in helping you with your next steps.

If we know all of these statements are true without even meeting you, we hope that you can believe them as well.

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