MyAmeriCorps Support for AmeriCorps VISTA Programs (eGrants)

Welcome to the MyAmeriCorps training and technical assistance page for AmeriCorps VISTA programs!

On this page, you will find tutorials and resources that will guide you through using MyAmeriCorps. You can also download PowerPoint presentations the tutorials are based on. You may use these resources to provide your own training to other staff, site supervisors, and VISTA Leaders.

Frequently Asked Questions: Please click on the link to get a list of the FAQs. This list will be updated periodically.


To play a tutorial, you must have Adobe Flash Player installed on your computer. If you do not, you can download Adobe Flash Player, which is free software. Please note that you may need assistance from your IT administrator to download this file. To download, click here (Adobe Flash Player). Click Install. When you see the movie clip and the text, you have successfully installed Flash.

General Overview of MyAmeriCorps Overview (Flash Tutorial): This is all about what you need to know before accessing the system. A must watch for those either new to the system or transitioning from a previous system.

Create and Manage an eGrants Account (Flash Tutorial): You must have an eGrants account in order to access MyAmeriCorps. View this session if you don’t have an eGrants account.

MyAmeriCorps User Roles and Management for VISTA Sponsors (Flash Tutorial):This tutorial will provide an overview of the different VISTA-specific eGrants and MyAmeriCorps user roles and the key capabilities and tasks of each. It will discuss the Sponsors' roles of "grantee administrator", "grantee with/without budget", "grantee recruiter", and "VISTA grantee member management". You’ll learn how roles are assigned within MyAmeriCorps, as well as how to complete common tasks such as submitting a Sponsor Verification Report and filling out the supervisor's portion of a VISTA member’s Future Plans Form. This tutorial provides the same content as the webinars on this topic that were delivered in September of 2009.

Additional Resources:

The following PowerPoint presentations, quick reference sheets, and user guides contain the information used in the tutorials as well as additional tips and guidance for using eGrants/MyAmeriCorps effectively. To download a document, click on its link. A pop-up window will open to ask you if you would like to save the document. Select the folder to which to you would like to save the file and click Save.

MyAmeriCorps Overview (PDF)

Create and Manage an eGrants Account Presentation (PDF)

User Roles and Functionality Presentation (PDF)

What's My Role? – eGrants/MyAmeriCorps User Roles for VISTA Programs (PDF)

Completing Your Trainee Registration Profile (PDF)

Creating an In-Service Training Request (PDF)

eGrants / MyAmeriCorps User Guide for Grantee Administrators (PDF)

eGrants / MyAmeriCorps User Guide for VISTA Sponsors (PDF)


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