Member Assignment Listings

Service Opportunity Listings are part of the eGrants recruitment platform that allow for grantees to promote their program and announce open AmeriCorps member positions. The resources provided assist grantees and programs in creating effective and compliant service opportunity listings for the My AmeriCorps Portal:

Creating a Service Opportunity Listing – This PowerPoint demonstrates how to navigate eGrants in creating or modifying service opportunity listings using step-by-step screenshots. Additionally, it previews what information must be included in a listing.


Requirements for Service Opportunity Listings – This resource provides information about listing criteria, highlights common unallowable items, and shares general tips and tricks that will result in a speedier approval.

Service Opportunity Listing Template – This handy outline assists programs in drafting their listing before submitting it to CNCS, as eGrants does not allow individuals to save their work throughout the input process.



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