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Administrative Data Pilot

In 2016, the SIF continued its mission  to identify and grow innovative, evidence-based approaches to our nation's challenges by launching the Pay for Success (PFS) Administrative Data Pilot competition.

PFS programs face a key challenge in accessing and utilizing high quality sources of data from localities, states, and the federal government, often requiring large, one-time investments in time and money. The PFS Administrative Data Pilot responds to this challenge by investing in entities that can centralize administrative data functions and act as a resource for current and future PFS programs to access and utilize these resources in their evaluations, freeing up time and money and further strengthening the impact of public and private dollars.

In September 2016, after running an open grant competition, the SIF awarded $4.05 million to three applicants who are delivering technical assistance and data access support to PFS projects targeting the SIF's three issue areas: Economic Opportunity; Healthy Futures; and Youth Development. PFS Administrative Data Pilot grantees run open competitions to select PFS sub-recipients. Find more information about the ADP grantees by clicking on the links below.

ADP Grantees

Sorenson Impact Center at the University of Utah
The Stanford Center on Poverty and Inequality/Third Sector Partners
Urban Institute

To view a complete list of past and current SIF grantees, visit the Funded Organizations page.

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