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As part of the Corporation for National and Community Service’s month long celebration on social innovation in February, the Social Innovation Fund announced its first Social Innovation Fund Week starting on February 9, 2015 and ending on February 20, 2015.

During SIF Week, the Social Innovation Fund explored and shared the work of its' grantees, focusing on evidence and evaluation. Starting with REDF's Mathematica Jobs Study (MJS), showing social enterprise businesses provide a cost-effective way to both improve the lives of people who face barriers to work and generate savings for communities and taxpayers.

REDF is one of the first organizations to receive funding from the Social Innovation Fund in 2010 and is the only intermediary in the country that provides grants and technical assistance exclusively to nonprofit social enterprises. Through a blog post, Christina Garcia, Managing Director of REDF, shared her "10 Tips for Sharing Evaluation Results." 

In addition, the Social Innovation Fund hosted its very first Pay for Success Convening in Washington D.C., on February 11 through February 13. In 2014, the Social Innovation Fund selected its inaugural class of Pay for Success grantees to enhance the reach and impact of innovative community-based solutions in low-income communities. During the Pay for Success Convening, grantees participated in a wide-range of sessions to further explore the role evidence has in social change, hear from experts across industries, fine-tune communications of evaluation results, share lessons and challenges, and more.

The Social Innovation Fund continued its promise of Finding what works, Making it work for more people with the launch of its 2015 SIF Classic  grant competition. Approximately $40 million was made available for new grants to eligible grantmaking institutions or partnerships in order to run open competitions to select, fund, support, and evaluate community-based nonprofits seeking to grow innovative, evidence-based solutions to challenges facing low-income communities nationwide. To learn more, please visit the 2015 Notice of Funding Availability page.

Check out the Social Innovation Fund's #SIFund By The Numbers, an infographic detailing the SIF's progress to date.

#SIFund By the Numbers.  Twitter icon: @ sifund.  Home icon:  Social Innovation Fund Logo.   Corporation for National and Community Service: Logo.   Lightbulb icon: Fostering Innovation. 224 organizations working to: increase economic opportunity for disadvantaged individuals.  Promote healthy futures.  Improve outcomes for success in work and school through youth development.    Money Icon: Matching Funds.   $516 Million non-federal dollars leveraged, plus sign $241 million awarded to SIF recipients.  Equals $757 million invested in community solutions.   Mega Phone icon: Knowledge Sharing.   73 rigorous evaluations.  $61 million to evaluate promising interventions.    Arrow sign pointing up icon: Scaling Up.  more than 30 states impacted.  Reaching more than 400,000 individuals.

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