Sorenson Impact Center at the University of Utah, in partnership with Social Finance, Inc.

Grantee information

Logo: Sorenson Impact Center.

Logo: Social Finance, Inc.

Federal Award: $2.6 million over 2 years
Focus Area: Economic Opportunity, Healthy Futures, Youth Development
Geographic Focus: Nationwide 

The Partnership between Sorenson Impact Center at the University of Utah and Social Finance, Inc. brings together the best attributes of two social impact and innovation industry leaders. The Partnership will provide Transaction Structuring technical assistance to between 4-5 Service Recipients, resulting in the launch of new Pay for Success projects in the Western United States.  The Partnership builds on key strengths of each individual partner involved in the Pay for Success field: Social Finance, Inc. as an experienced intermediary and project coordinator dedicated to mobilizing capital to drive social progress; and the Sorenson Impact Center as an innovation mission-focused institute with broad experience in overall outcomes-oriented projects and stakeholder management. The Center also brings unparalleled access to research academics to support the refinement of intervention programs and related evaluation designs.
The Partnership will take a proactive and comprehensive approach to help jurisdictions structure PFS projects, focusing technical assistance on development of: 1) program designs that incorporate research-based principles of effective intervention; 2) social cost benefit models to articulate the economic value proposition for the intervention; 3) rigorous evaluation designs; and 4) quantifiable outcome metrics to approximate overall impact for the planned intervention.  Finally, the Partnership will assist organizations with the development of a communication and engagement strategy to support a stakeholder engagement, including providers, funders, and policymakers.
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