Local Initiatives Support Corporation

Grantee Information

Logo: Local Initiatives Support Corporation - helping neighbors build communities.




Federal Award: $1.3 million over 2 years
Focus Area: Economic Opportunity, Healthy Futures, Youth Development
Geographic Focus: Nationwide

As a Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI) and financial intermediary, LISC has been a national leader and early adopter of a comprehensive community development strategy focused on achieving impact in low-income communities across the country.  LISC will use its expertise in transaction structuring and financing, as well as its deep programmatic experience, to bring high-quality PFS projects from development to implementation.

LISC will provide Transaction Structuring support to 3-4 Service Recipients.  LISC will identify high-performing service providers that have demonstrated the ability to develop and operate strong evidence-based programs for PFS investment, develop financial models, facilitate contract negotiations among stakeholders, build service provider capacity and support ramp-up activities.  LISC will also raise investment capital for selected projects and develop ongoing monitoring and data collection requirements and procedures. Through its work, LISC will enable standardization of content-specific program design and systematization of contracting for social service programs to create a body of high-quality and routinely-collected data across content areas for PFS projects.
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