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SIF Pay for Success

The SIF’s Pay for Success (PFS) Program supports the use of innovative approaches to address social challenges that tie payment for service delivery to the achievement of measurable outcomes.
Federal funding flows to grantees. Grantees provide capacity building and technical assistance services to subgrantees. Subs complete feasibility studies, learn what works, and implement PFS projects
The SIF PFS program aims to:
  • Strengthen and diversify the pipeline of government and nonprofit organizations prepared to engage in PFS projects
  • Assess the potential of PFS to address a variety of social issues
  • Attract capital to high-performing institutions seeking to strengthen, grow, and sustain effective solutions for challenges facing low-income communities

The SIF will share lessons learned every step of the way on what works and what doesn’t to enhance knowledge in the field. See how we're sharing this knowledge on the Pay for Success Resources page.

Current Grantees

SIF Pay for Success grantees are funding activities that advance PFS projects and transactions in the near term, in order to enhance the reach and impact of innovative community-based solutions in low-income communities. Eight organizations were selected in 2014 to receive funding for up to three years through an open and transparent competition.
Learn more about the grantees and their selected subgrantees and subrecipients receiving funds and services for PFS projects across the country:

To view a complete list of past and current SIF grantees, visit the Funded Organizations page.

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