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Opportunities to Participate in the Social Innovation Fund

A key aspect of the Social Innovation Fund is its emphasis on partnerships and collaborations to advance community solutions. There are multiple opportunities to get involved in the Social Innovation Fund including:

  • As a grantmaking intermediary organization interested in applying for Social Innovation Fund grant competitions to invest in promising nonprofit organizations;
  • As a qualified individual interested in serving as an expert reviewer for future grant competitions;
  • As a nonprofit organization interested in applying for competitions held by grantees of the Social Innovation Fund in order to expand impact in local communities; and/or
  • As a donor or partner interested in making a financial contribution to support either grantees of the Social Innovation Fund or subgrantees.

Intermediary Organizations

Organizations interested in participating as intermediaries are encouraged to apply for competitions in future years. Prospective applicants are encouraged to view materials from the previous competitions to better understand the Social Innovation Fund and whether their organization may qualify as a Social Innovation Fund intermediary. These materials include applications from all organizations awarded grants and executive summaries of all proposals submitted by applicants.

Expert Reviewers

CNCS is seeking outstanding, qualified individuals to serve in the critical role of expert reviewers for future SIF competitions. For 2016, the Social Innovation Fund is focused on selecting both program and evaluation experts to review applications. To be granted a Social innovation Fund award, applicants must show they have a well-defined plan, the capacity to select and grow outcomes-focused nonprofit programs that have evidence of effectiveness, and will complete rigorous evaluations of their work. 

To become a Reviewer for the 2016 SIF Classic Grant Competition please review the flyer below and submit your resume to

Nonprofit Organizations

Social Innovation Fund grantees are completing competitions to identify high-performing nonprofits in geographies all across the country. To learn more about specific competitions please visit their websites or visit our Requests for Proposals page to review active RFPs from our grantees:

Economic Opportunity

Healthy Futures

Youth Development and School Support


Donors and Partners

There are many ways for donors and partners to support Social Innovation Fund intermediaries and nonprofit organizations. Some of the most effective ways to provide support include:

  • Contributing resources toward match funding requirements of intermediaries and nonprofit organizations;
  • Making investments aligned with Social Innovation Fund priorities; and
  • Partnering with an organization to advance their impact in local communities through service, joint initiatives or other methods.

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