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Volunteering and Civic Life in America (2016)

The annual Volunteering and Civic Life in America report, produced by CNCS, is the most comprehensive look at volunteering and civic life in the United States. It measures volunteer and civic engagement rates, and rankings, trends, and demographics for the nation and in 50 states nad major cities across the country.

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2013-2014 Senior Corps Study: Foster Grandparents and Senior Companions (2016)

This study was a census of Senior Companion Program and Foster Grandparent Program volunteers to determine whether they were successfully recruiting and retaining diverse, low-income volunteers as they are intended to, and how the two programs compare to each other in this regard. The study also looked at how Senior Companion and Foster Grandparent volunteers compare to respondents to the national Health and Retirement Survey (HRS) in terms of self-reporter health, mobility-associated disability, and life satisfaction.

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The Health Benefits of Volunteering for Older Adults: A Review of Recent Research (2012)

This paper looks at the findings from research that indicates volunteering provides health benefits, particular for older adults.

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The Health Benefits of Volunteering: A Review of Recent Research (2007)

This paper covers the growing body of research that indicates that volunteering provides not just social benefits, but individual health benefits as well.

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Keeping Baby Boomers Volunteering: A Research Brief on Volunteering Retention and Turnover (2007)

With more Americans turning 65 each day, Baby Boomers are volunteering at record rates. This study exampled how to retain Baby Boomers as volunteers over time.

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