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Preventing Elder Abuse

Did you know that approximately 1 in 10 seniors is abused each year, or that senior abuse is dramatically underreported, with only 1 in 23 cases reported to Adult Protective Services?

To combat this injustice, Senior Corps and the Corporation for National and Community Service partnered with the Department of Justice in support of their new Elder Justice Initiative to end elder abuse, neglect, and exploitation across the country.

Senior Corps Director Speaks About Elder Justice Initiative

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RSVP volunteer


Senior Corps grantees can – and often already do – protect vulnerable elder Americans they serve.

Mental Health Association of South Central Kansas – Senior Companion Program, Wichita, KS
Statewide in fiscal year 2016, 8,970 Adult Protective Service Reports were assigned to investigate charges of alleged maltreatment with 1,975 cases originating in Sedgwick, Butler, and Harvey counties. In response, five senior volunteers provide companionship, respite care, and assistance with daily activities to eight home-bound or disabled seniors identified as at-risk of becoming a victim of abuse. Companions are trained in the prevention of elder abuse and report any suspected incidences of abuse or neglect.

McCracken County Senior Citizens, Inc. - RSVP of Paducah-McCracken, Paducah, KY
The Medicaid Fraud Control Units (MFCUs) ranked Kentucky as the 5th highest rate of Medicare Fraud in the country during the fiscal year 2011. In response, the Senior Medicare Patrol (SMP) and RSVP volunteers work to educate seniors about Medicare fraud, waste, and abuse. Volunteers prepare information packets, host health fairs, and help Medicare recipients sign up for their Part D insurance supplement. Purchase Area Ombudsman volunteers serve at local nursing homes to ensure residents are given proper care and report elder abuse. Ombudsman volunteers are certified to identify and trained to report suspected abuse and neglect. 

Senior Companion volunteer assists elderly woman 


Department of Justice Elder Justice Information and Resources


Department of Justice Technical Support Take Down

Using Law Enforcement Intelligence to Combat an Urgent Threat to Consumers, especially Senior Citizens

Tech Support Take Down 2019

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How do you spot a tech support scam?

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Senior Corps engaged with federal partners, the Department of Justice (DOJ), on March 7, 2019 to announce a federal sweep of more than 260 defendants from around the globe who victimized more than two million Americans, most of whom were elderly, in technical-support and other financial schemes. Technical-support fraud is a large and growing problem, especially among senior citizens.

The largest age groups reporting tech-support scam complaints, and the groups suffering the most financial losses, are Americans age 60-79. Combined, this group lost over $17 million in 2018 to fraudsters.

As part of our continuing partnership with the DOJ, Senior Corps will arm seniors with the knowledge and skills they need to spot a scam and report it to the proper authorities. Senior Corps has the capacity to reach communities across America, which makes us well-positioned to make a real impact. The DOJ created a toolkit to help these efforts to educate our most vulnerable citizens about tech-support fraud.


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