Schools of National Service

In recognition of the value of their service, Schools of National Service provides incentives and awards that encourage AmeriCorps alumni to attend their institution.

By participating in the program, Schools of National Service will help you gain access to AmeriCorps alumni – a network of nearly 1.2 million strong – who have earned billions of dollars in Segal AmeriCorps Education Awards. Participation in the program will give higher education and other post-secondary institutions a way to make education more affordable to a group of Americans that research shows are leaders with the determination and skills to succeed.

In 25 years, nearly 1.2 million AmeriCorps members have earned over $4 billion in Segal AmeriCorps Education Awards, $1 billion of which has been used to pay back student loan debt – making college more accessible and affordable for those who serve.

About AmeriCorps

AmeriCorps, a federal agency, brings people together to tackle the country’s most pressing challenges, through national service and volunteering. AmeriCorps members and AmeriCorps Seniors volunteers serve with organizations dedicated to the improvement of communities. AmeriCorps helps make service to others a cornerstone of our national culture. Learn more at

About the Segal AmeriCorps Education Award

The Segal AmeriCorps Education Award is a post-service benefit earned by individuals who complete an approved term of national service in AmeriCorps programs. The award is named after Eli Segal, a pioneer of national service and the first CEO of CNCS, the agency now known as AmeriCorps.

The award may be used to pay educational expenses at eligible post-secondary institutions, including many technical schools and G.I. Bill-approved programs, or to repay qualified student loans. The dollar amount of the education award for a year of AmeriCorps full-time service is equal to the maximum amount of the U.S. Department of Education Pell Grant and may change year to year.

Want to know how much your institution has received in Segal AmeriCorps Education Awards? Click here.

How Your Institution Can Become a 'School of National Service'

A post-secondary institution can qualify as a School of National Service by entering into a written commitment to provide any of the following incentives to AmeriCorps members and alumni.

  • Tuition matching for the Segal AmeriCorps Education Award (could be at the undergraduate or graduate level and could be specific to a school or program)
  • Scholarship or fellowship to AmeriCorps alumni
  • Priority points for admission consideration for AmeriCorps alumni
  • In-state tuition for AmeriCorps alumni
  • Cover expenses like books and supplies, room and board, or other personal costs like transportation for AmeriCorps alumni
  • One-year enrollment deferrals for individuals to serve in AmeriCorps
  • Academic credit for AmeriCorps experience
  • Other incentives that vary by institution


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