Colorado State University Conservation Leadership through Learning Master’s Program

The Conservation Leadership through Learning (CLTL) program at Colorado State University (CSU) is a Master’s degree which prepares leaders to address complex conservation issues. The program is built around principles of experiential learning, inter-disciplinary instruction and applied approaches. Working closely with a network of practitioners and organizations, CLTL is a strong option for individuals seeking to make a difference in the lives and ecosystems of our planet.

Students enroll in two semesters of on-campus CLTL coursework at the CSU campus in Fort Collins, Colorado, during which time they are immersed in numerous conservation issues via field trips, small group projects and traditional academic work. Following the second semester, students complete a four month off-site capstone project in partnership with a community-based conservation organization. In addition to domestic options, to date students have participated in projects in Mexico, Kenya, Peru, New Zealand, Belize, Nicaragua and other locations. Students can propose their own site and project, or select from a list of pre-determined options, at the time of their application.

CLTL supports individuals such as AmeriCorps alumni who have a commitment to making a difference in our communities. The program commits up to three (3) matching awards of a maximum of $1500 per student for the duration of the student’s program. Note: the award is applicable only to the CLTL program at Colorado State University; it is not applicable or transferable to other CSU academic programs.

Additional financial awards and assistantships are possible based on student merit, as determined from the student’s application.

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