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We plan on matching the Segal AmeriCorps Ed Award through funds of the VP of Student Affairs. We asked our 20 Students in Service, who are already performing 300 hours of direct community service, to perform an additional 100 hours for a $1,000 matching ed award.

Degree Programs Offered:

Business Administration, Education & Professional Studies, Fine Arts & Design, Liberal Arts, Math & Science, Grad Studies

Department Programs Offered:

The University of Central Oklahoma demonstrates a commitment to service by specifically mentioning the imperative to serve, in its mission statement (transforming students to becoming leaders “… serving our global community.”) Additionally – the institution has formulated a “Central Six” of learning priorities that are held up as the six primary educational experiences that will be imparted to its graduates. One of these is “Service Learning and Civic Engagement.”

Among the resources that are invested in service, is a department of Volunteer and Service Learning (VSLC). Office space, staffing and operational expenses are devoted to this endeavor – and have resulted in a campus culture of service. The VSLC is part of the fabric of the institution, and students are invited to acquire the habit of service, before they have even begun their first day of classes through “The Broncho Difference” service project for first year students.

The Greek Life community, various leadership councils, student government, ROTC program, multicultural student organizations and a host of student organizations take part in service projects; indeed they consider service to be a primary responsibility of their organizations. Large scale events such as Homecoming always incorporate service into the event – in an effort to connect opportunities for service to thousands of students each year. At the end of the academic year, excellence in service is recognized through a Campus Leadership Awards ceremony. Both individual students and student organizations are part of a competitive process that provides awards for distinguished service and philanthropy.

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100 N. University Dr., Box 322
Edmond, OK 73034
United States

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Lyndsay Holder, Assistant Director of the Volunteer and Service Learning Center
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4 Year
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